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Economy Single Rooms

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Economy Single Rooms (Room size 10 u / Bed size 110 p×195 p)

Why are they "Economy"? ⇒ Our Economy Single Rooms include rooms in front of the elevator, rooms with little desk space, or rooms with smaller bathrooms.
Do not choose these rooms if you are uncomfortable with elevator noise, the voices of guests using the elevator, small bathrooms, or if you want to work at the desk.
Please understand in advance that you cannot choose a specific room.

Free Internet connection (wireless LAN / Wi-Fi) for PCs is available in the rooms.

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Passionate about a good night's sleep

End the day in a more comfortable space

All rooms are provided with duvet-style bedding so that you can relax in the room as if you were in your own home.
The foot throw makes the bed more stylish, and the down duvet wraps you up softly to offer you a comfortable sleep.

What is "duvet-style bed making"?

It is a way of making beds using down duvets, and is often seen in luxurious or high-grade hotels.
In the traditional Western style, where the edge of the bed linen is tucked under the mattress with the bed cover, your feet can feel a little cramped while you are sleeping. However, in duvet-style bed making, the entire duvet is placed inside a cover like with a Japanese-style comforter, so it may be more familiar to Japanese people.

Snuggle up in our refined bedding

The fluffy duvet helps you sleep comfortably.
The duvet that touches the body is filled with light down. Down duvets absorb sweat easily, have excellent heat-retaining properties, and do not prevent you from turning over while sleeping.
They gently relieve bodily fatigue.

A tranquil atmosphere is required for the space in which we sleep.
For this reason, the interiors of the rooms are decorated fully in brown and beige tones, avoiding stimulating colors.
Our rooms offer a comfortable space where you can gently unwind in body and soul.

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